My Resolutions in a Nutshell

I am keeping it simple for the coming year. If I'll achieve more it will be great, but really what follows is is all I truly want to stick to:
  1. Live More
  2. Love More
  3. Write More
Happy 2014 everyone!


My Poetry & Short Fiction Published in 2013

So 2013 is almost over and, despite the numerous and some also flattering rejections, I am content with my poetic achievements this year.
In the first place I wish to thank Kristy Bowen of Dancing Girl Press for accepting my chapbook Diagnosis for publication next year.
I also wish to thank the following editors and journals for having hosted my work this year:

I am also very thankful to Editor Heather L. Nelson for nominating my poem Baltic Dream with Dostoevsky for Best of the Net 2013.

This year I have also had different poems published in Italian anthologies. I wish to thank:

Editor Letizia Leone for acccepting my poem Visione in Perché i Poeti and my poem Cartografi dell'amore in La nudità dei fiori both published by L'Erudita.


Edizioni Ensemble for publishing my poems Selciato in  Poesia è donna and my poem Desiderio in L'alba inquieta del profondo.


Many thanks also to Paolo Di Paolo for having selected my short fiction piece Patti--inspired by Patti Smith--in the anthology Il primo pensiero published by L'Erudita.

I am also very happy that this year some of my translations of poems by Michel Butor have appeared in 3 different books.

And, as I cannot have enough of translations I am currently working on more poetry translations which will be published next Fall. I am also working on a new chapbook.

Can one have enough of Poetry? Certainly not! But, I have still a long way to go.


In Love with the Artwork of Clémentine de Chabaneix

Dorothy Circus Gallery is one of my favorite places in Rome. I regularly pay visit to it to admire the amazing artists hosted there. No artist yet has left such a lasting impression in my soul as Clémentine de Chabaneix. Not even Nicoletta Ceccoli, whose work I truly love. The sculptures of de Chabeneix's Silent Circus are inspiring me. I am writing new poems. I am posting some pictures here so that you may too fall prey to her beautiful creatures' charm.


Bolaño, Pollock and Poetry

I have had a few very productive days and I am quite happy with the two latest poems I have written. I am always fascinated by how my imagination works. I often read something that touches me which becomes a trigger for words. It happened with two articles that I have read just a few days ago. The former focusses on a dream Roberto Bolaño had at the time he was imprisoned in 1973. A curious dream. In my poem the dream turns into an object. A real object belonging to Bolaño that lead me on an unexpected journey. The latter deals with a disputed work by Jackson Pollock. The poem I wrote is a love ride that reminds me of one of J.G. Ballard's novels. 

I love it when poetry rules!

Ruth Kligman & Jackson Pollock
Roberto Bolaño in Chile (circa 1970)