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Are You Celebrating World Poetry Day?

If not, you should! How? I have many ideas, so I'll gladly share some with you. Make this day special, since it is Poetry we are talking about!

1. READ POETRY. This is fairly easy. Grab a book and breathe poetry.
2. WRITE POETRY. Everyone is a poet, so do it!
3. BUY POETRY. Make yourself a present or buy a poetry book for a friend or a relative.
4.SHARE POETRY. Post poems or poetry quotes on social networks a/o hand poetry quotes at work!
5. LISTEN TO POETRY. Surf YouTube and enjoy listening to some poetry.
6. COLLABORATE WITH OTHER POETS. Organize an improvised reading or write something together.
7. PROMOTE A POET. Yes, please! Promote a poet you love.
8.DO SOMETHING POETIC. Enjoy the sunset. Take a walk in a wood or in the countryside. Love!
9. CHOOSE A LINE and make it your motto.
10. SEND ME A POEM. Your own or someone else's. I'll truly appreciate it!

He Was Born Murdered

It looks like writing sometimes fails me. I have tried to write a good amount of words on the WIP, today, but it didn't work as I wanted. Yet, this morning, out of the blue, I wrote a poem inspired by Federico García Lorca's murder. Images and words blended together in less than 2 minutes. I incorporated three of Lorca's lines in it, too. It amazes me how he had predicted his own death and that his body would be buried in a mass grave. The prescience of poetry? Or, the darkness of duende?

Then I realized I had been murdered... They never found me? No. They never found me.

Guerrilla Girl

I was not familiar with this picture of Patti Smith by Lynn Goldsmith. I truly love it. She is the perfect guerrilla girl in it. In Nocturne, my most recent published poem--and chapbook--that I dedicated to Patti, I compare her to Joan of Arc. Well, it looks like Lynn and I share the same point of view. Gotta love any woman & poet warrior!