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Poetry Work in Progress

Today I woke up to a new copy of They Talk About Death chapbook sold. I am sure I owe the sale to the recent, beautiful review by lovely poet Sandra Marchetti appeared in the amazing Fall 2014 edition of Menacing Hedge.

Fall is coming and some projects are drawing to a close. I have completed the translations of Paper Offerings by Alejandro Murguía, current SF Poet Laureate, and I have translated and edited A New Anthology of American Poets. Both should be published by the end of the year.

I am also translating the Poet for a new publication and, last but not least, I have asked 16 contemporary women poets to allow me to translate their poems for an Italian magazine I collaborate with.

I plan to complete these translations by December. With the new year I have decided to put poetry translation projects on hiatus, in order to concentrate solely on the Poet's biography. I want to complete it by next year, as earliest as possible.

And then there is my poetry. Right now I mostly write…