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What I Am Up To in the Poetical World

It seems I have finally learnt to be utterly content with my "in busy mode" nature. Given my life, I know some things I can change and others I cannot, nor probably wish to. And so, happily busy I am. After a particularly apathic period, I am definitely brushing up my poetical character. I am back to writing poetry and, above all, I am back to submitting poetry. I have dealt with a ridiculous number of rejections lately, but I have also aimed higher and so I was kind of expecting it. It hurts all the time but, I swear, there is nothing like a rejection to keep me alive and flaring up. The occasional wtf and life moves forward.

This said, I have spent the last few months busy with the bio's research, writing and getting in touch with more poets and friends of my poetical guru. It is a very, very engaging and yet beautiful experience. Not to mention enriching. I have also been translating 13 American poets for Patria Letteratura, an Italian online journal I am very glad to…