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An Open Letter to all Poets from Jack Hirschman

I am sharing a letter and the WPM statement I have just received by Jack Hirschman. It is addressed to every poet I may know. I hope you’ll read it. Thanks!
Brigadistas everywhere----I've just returned from Medellin and momentous readings and meetings of the World Poetry Movement. Please read the document below----which is the manifesto underlying all we have all dreamed of for a very long time: a worldwide poetry revolution!
Please read it carefully and thoughtfully. It was unanimously approved by the Co-ordinating Committee of World Poetry Movement.
As most of you know, in 2011, 37 poets and organizers of international poetry festivals throughout the world gathered in Medellin and formed the World Poetry Movement. There have been  many and multifold readings since then throughout the world but this year's revolutionary adoption of consciousness is a step-up. Until now we have worked largely with groups but now in addition we are asking you all as Brigadistas and individuals as …

The Poet sent me his "Miracle Book"

I opened my mailbox today to find out that Jack had mailed me his latest poetry book: The Viet Arcane. I sat down holding it in my hands and started crying copious tears of joy. Those of you who know me--or have known me for a while--are aware that I am writing Jack Hirschman's biography. I guess we could say that fate played a great part in our meeting one morning in Caffe Trieste in North Beach, SF, in August 2010.

Holding this book in my hands, I feel how much the efforts of the writing and the intense research that I have been doing and that I am still doing have made a miracle happen. Had Jack and I not met that morning, I would have probably never have known who he was and I would have never started researching extensively about him. And, I would have never heard the story of Anh, the manuscript he lost track of several years ago. I would have never googled that word with a few others one day that pointed me to a "manuscript" that was housed at La Salle University …

THEY TALK ABOUT DEATH: my first US chapbook has just been published by Blood Pudding Press

So, it has happened at last. I am so happy of having a chapbook of my poems published in the US. It is a dream come true. It is almost a great act of hybris for somebody whose mother tongue is Italian, but who has dwelled in the English language since the age of 8 when she lived abroad for 5 years--in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates--attending American and International schools. I write poetry in Italian as well naturally but, I do believe that I write my best poems  in English. I hope this will not sound conceited. Honestly, I just look at some of my poems from this collection and think to myself that they make me proud. I guess I can say that a hint to how "good" one of the poems is came from a rejection that John Rosenwald, Co-editor of Beloit Poetry Journal mailed to me:

Dear Alessandra Bava,

At our quarterly editorial board meeting that concluded yesterday we spent considerable time discussing your work, especially "Never Thirty-Seven" and "Les Go…