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Walking around Rome in the Footsteps of Poets

Sometimes I think I should write a poetical tour of Rome, and get it published. So many poets have fallen prey to the beauty of Rome over time and it would be nice to walk in their footsteps. Many foreign poets have left an indelible mark in our city and many Italian poets should be celebrated too. Let's check a few places.

Keats and Shelley's HouseThis is the house where Keats lived his last months and where he died on February 23rd, 1821. You can visit the room where he died, and enjoy the many relics the museum holds. There are locks of hair of Keats, Shelley and Bryon, handwritten letters and poems (a fragment of "Lamia" that always brings tears to my eyes), funerary masks and one of the most beautiful views of the Spanish Steps. This place is steeped in history and walking in Keats's very footsteps is quite moving.

The Non-Catholic Cemetery (or, Protestant Cemetery) Close to the only surviving Roman pyramid, it is the place to be if you love poetry and cats. I…

It's Poetry Month! Celebrate!

April is here to stay and you should really do something poetic this month whether you are a Poet or not. Here is a few ideas of how you might celebrate poetry for the coming 30 days:

 1. Read a poem a day
 2. Write a poem a day (if you need prompts, you may enjoy Kelli Agodon's here)
 3. Listen to poets read their poems (try YouTube, I am suggesting one I love here)
 4. Watch a movie or docu-movie about a poet (Bright Star, Sylvia, etc. My suggestion here)
 5. Attend a reading
 6. Take part in a reading
 7. Record some poems to send to your family or friends
 8. Buy a poetry collection, or more (choose indie bookstores whenever you can!)
 9. Take poetry to work (delight your colleagues!)
10. Buy some chalk and write your lines in the streets (be a street poet!)
11. Leave some poems in a cafe for others to read
12. Buy a poetry journal
13. Suscribe to a poetry journal
14. Write a letter or an e-mail to a poet you know to let her/him know why you love her/him work so much
15. Choos…