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Happy Birthday, Kate!

Today is Kate Laity’s birthday. My lovely friend and writer extraordinaire has written wonderful books and it would indeed be nice if you picked a copy of one of her latest or even earliest works whether in print or as an e-book, today.
One of my favorite works by Kate is Pelzmantel. Check all her books here.
Queen Kate rocks!

Choose Books for Xmas!

I love receiving books for Christmas. Not just poetry books. I like novels, as well. I will attempt to give a few suggestions based on my personal experience. Whatever you choose for your family and friends, may it be something you love. I hardly ever buy books I have not read (or that I would not want to read) as gifts. Also, choose indie whenever you can!       1.Support small presses!Here are a few worth picking one or more books from:
Two Sylvias Press
Dancing Girl Press Blood Pudding Press Hyacinth Girl Press Sundress Publications Misty Publications
2. Support women writers!A few suggestions when it comes to poetry. Some books I have read or reviewed this year and that I truly love:
Alexis Rhone Fancher, How I Lost My Verginity to Michael Cohen: and other heart-stab poems

A Poem for Anna Akhmatova

When the Lightning Struck
I was bare as my skull hoping to find refuge in your words, brain teased to enlightenment as the pages
struck the clock of Reason.
I feel my blood thicken, Your writing is so hard, I am petrified, Akhmatova. We two are made of storms, сестра*.

(from Guerrilla Blues, 2012 © Alessandra Bava)