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Dylan Thomas & I

I have spent a few days at Laugharne's Boathouse lately. No, I haven't been there in person. I have only allowed myself to surf online and read more about a place that was so significant to one of the poets I love most. Thomas spent there his last few years before dying in NY after having gotten roaring drunk at the White Horse tavern. His writing shed was perhaps the place I concentrated most on. A place I would so love to visit sooner or later. Needless to say that all this fueled my imagination and that I ended writing a poem.

Dylan Thomas has also made it into the biography I am writing. It's all about how the Poet met the Überpoet. But this is a whole diffferent story!

Patti Smith reads Federico García Lorca

Two gems. Patti Smith reading Federico García Lorca's "Little Viennese Waltz" at the Bowery Ballroom in NY last June 5th, on Lorca's very birthday. Follows Leonard Cohen's splendid rendition of Lorca's poem, "Take This Waltz."