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Tolstoy's Muse

Here is my first published prose poem in 2012. Ms. Karenina makes it to TrainWrite. My thanks to Editor Karen Eileen Sikola.

Published Poems in 2011

I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. One day I discovered Arthur Rimbaud and Dylan Thomas and I was hooked. The bad lad with the soles of wind has haunted me for a long time and still does. So does the Welsh Bard. But, over the years, many other poets have become part of my literary Pantheon. From all of them I have learnt a lot. To all of them I owe something. 
It took me way too long to decide to market my poems. The main reason being that I dare write them in English which is not my mother tongue. Here below you may find a list of published poems since end of February 2011. I am indeed thankful for all journals that have accepted my work and I am very grateful to all the editors who have been willing to spend their time providing me with precious feedback. 
But, I am also thankful to all journals who have rejected my work too. I have really learnt a lot from my rejections. Beloit Poetry Journal rejected one of my poems in a way that made me rejoice as if it had been acc…

No Words Required

After having seen Steve McCurry's exhibit today, I ended up realizing that even if words matter, no writing can convey emotion as a photograph does. Truly, I cannot describe the world I saw through his camera lens. I could attempt, but photography is untranslatable. Even the best writer cannot but bow to an art that can capture the world  with such vivid realism.

Rodchenko: When Photography Recalls Poetry

Spending the afternoon in contemplation of over 200 works by Alexsandr Rodchenko has been an amazing experience. I am so glad I had my pad and my pen with me. One must always carry one's writing weapons in the handbag. Mayakovsky's snapshots, in particular, were incredibly inspiring, capturing so well his tormented soul and piercing eyes. No wonder I wrote two new poems!