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Poetical Joys

I am writing again. I am so grateful the Muses are being kind with me. I have just completed a new chapbook and I am also working on new poems. Jack's biography is moving forward as well. It seems I just needed a break from a very, very heavy year. I have been feeding my soul with lots of books, movies and art, lately. I have met and friended many wonderful poets--Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion of 100 Thousand Poets for Change among them. There have been poetry readings. There will be more shortly. As I wait for John to be back in Rome in July, I can say life is good. Poetry too.

The lavender is blooming at last. Summer is here to stay!

An Afternoon of Women's Poetry

Heading to the Ninfeo of Villa Giulia for the second of a 2-day event on Women's Poetry, named Eros & Kairos. The first part of the afternoon will be dedicated to engaged poets: I am particularly curious to hear Maram al-Masri, a Syrian poetess, also a friend of Jack and Agneta Hirschman, and Duska Vrhovac from Serbia. Marco Cinque and Giuseppe Natale will be reading poetry and playing exceptional music, too. A poetry prize is being awarded in the end. And, I should meet up with a poet of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change as well. It should be a fine afternoon of Poetry! #poetryrules

Reading Today

I will be reading together with Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, co-founders of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and with many other poets--among them Marco Cinque, Massimiliano Damaggio and Edoardo Olmi of Rome's Revolutionary Poets Brigade--tonight. Paul Polansky, that I have met 3 years ago in Bologna, will be the guest poet. Giuseppe Natale and his amazing guitar and music will be there to make this event even more special.

It will be a reading in memory of 13 yo Andy Lopez, who was killed in October 2013 in Santa Rosa, California. It will be a reading against police brutality. But, and I am talking at a personal level, it will also be a reading in which I will question again the role of revolutionary poetry. The world needs more and more poets who are ready to protest via their lines and words, because poetry can truly touch the chords of people. Poetry can truly be a means to change what we don't like out there. Indeed, Poets have the Power!

Join us tonight if you are…