It's Poetry Month! Celebrate!

April is here to stay and you should really do something poetic this month whether you are a Poet or not. Here is a few ideas of how you might celebrate poetry for the coming 30 days:

 1. Read a poem a day
 2. Write a poem a day (if you need prompts, you may enjoy Kelli Agodon's here)
 3. Listen to poets read their poems (try YouTube, I am suggesting one I love here)
 4. Watch a movie or docu-movie about a poet (Bright Star, Sylvia, etc. My suggestion here)
 5. Attend a reading
 6. Take part in a reading
 7. Record some poems to send to your family or friends
 8. Buy a poetry collection, or more (choose indie bookstores whenever you can!)
 9. Take poetry to work (delight your colleagues!)
10. Buy some chalk and write your lines in the streets (be a street poet!)
11. Leave some poems in a cafe for others to read
12. Buy a poetry journal
13. Suscribe to a poetry journal
14. Write a letter or an e-mail to a poet you know to let her/him know why you love her/him work so much
15. Choose a poet from a foreign country and read his/her poems in translation (be a global poet!)
16. Send a poem to a friend
17. Visit the house of a poet
18. Visit the tomb of a poet
19. Buy a poetry chapbook, or more (show your love to indie press!)
20. Read the biography of a poet
21. Write a collaborative poem
22. Submit your poems
23. Support a poet
24. Meet with other poets this month
25. Have a lunch or dinner with a poet
26. Have a drink with a poet
27. Buy a poetry Anthology
28. Read a poem in a foreign language
29. Translate a poem in your mother tongue
30. Send one of your poetry books to a friend
31. Be the poet you have always wanted to be!

Happy National Poetry Month!


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