Wearing Poetry

Yes, I proudly wear poetry. Every time I watch my ring I rejoice because those lines were written for me and no one else owns a more precious jewel. It is not the silver that makes it precious, but the beauty of the words that were chiseled on it. More so, it is the meaning of those six lines--that are the final stanza of a longer poem--that move me and remind me how incredible fortunate I am. Nothing like those words. They burn in me like an inextinguishable fire every day.  


  1. My ring wrapped in words is the most beautiful possession I have. I am naked without it, and adorn myself in the words as written by the woman who wrote them on my soul. I wear our love openly, deeply, eternally. WE ARE!
    I am so touched by this post Alessandra. If I shed a tear, it's a tear of joy!
    Love Love LOVE YOU!
    <3 <3 <3


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