Pensive Keats and Shelley's Jaw

Back from the Keats-Shelley House. I have been there so many times and yet that place always speaks to me in powerful ways. Two items in particular captured my attention. The sketch of Keats reading--from a notepad by Severn--is simply moving. He seems so busy and so pensive: a lonely star in a desolate world. In the main room, a small green urn containing a fragment of Shelley's jaw made me wish we could still hear the poet utter some of his words to us.   



  1. I was fascinated by Shelley's jaw, too. Having just seen the skull of St Agnes in a lovely church the other day, I realise again that writingis my really my religion.

    Grazie for being my Cicero through Rome!

  2. Ain't all these relics inspiring, I say!


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