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Jack as Jack Hirschman,  my poetical guru. I am so glad that the documentary on his life directed by Matthew Furey will be screened at the Rome Independent Film Festival next 20th March. He so deserves a wider audience. Poetry like his truly strikes a chord. He is such an inspiration!

Meeting him in person in San Francisco at Caffè Trieste, last August, and having a chance to chat amiably with him for over an hour has been such an amazing experience. As I patiently wait for the eight books he sent me to show up and I keep looking for his books dating to the Sixties and Seventies much like a hound, I am already looking forward to attending his reading in Bologna at the end of the month. I hope in some more interesting conversations with my dear comrade. Oh, and let me tell you a secret: he calls me Sasha. :)


  1. Wish I was able to be there to watch The Red Poet on the big screen!

    Hmmm, so there's a character in my WIP named Sasha, wonder why? ;-)


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