Revolutionary Mayakovsky

I have been reading Mayakovsky's poems extensively in the past weeks. I deeply love them and I tend to agree with most of his revolutionary ideas. He does sound prophetic at times: the poet must hurry time forward. And he was almost too faithful to his idea considering the fact that he committed suicide when aged 36. His definition of a proleterian as someone in love with the future is quite amazing. His ideas on literature so powerful: Why should literature occupy its own special little corner? Either it should appear in every newspaper, every day on every page, or else it's so totally useless. The kind of literature that's dished out as dessert can go to hell.

I am so touched by the verses that follow. They could well be my poetical manifesto.

For you
I will tear out my soul
and trample on it till it spreads out
and I'll give it to you,
a bloody banner.


  1. Absolutely brilliant post and the sample of his work digs deep into my soul, Alessandra.


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