Poetry Is A Dangerous Thing

I love this quote by Tom Waits. It's simple and mind-blowing at the same time. Poets are well aware of the danger awaiting the travels of writing, but they must be ready to run the risk. So, here I am ready to plunge in any of Baudelaire's bottomless chasms anytime. Got to love those fabulous falls holding a quill and some leaves of  paper in hand!

N.B. Saddest note and detrimental to my mental health is discovering that Tom Waits' poetry book "Seeds On Hard Ground" is out of stock already... :(


  1. Only 1000 copies! Too sad. I'm sure they will float around and maybe one can be found...

  2. Only 1000 copies? :-( indeed!
    I love a similar quote in David Cronenberg's take on Burroughs' Naked Lunch, when Bill Lee says" "I gave up writing when I was 10-years old. Too Dangerous."
    Words matter!

  3. I really hope to find a copy! And that quote is great, John!


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