A Phone Call From Poet Jack

I can think of no better way to begin a Saturday morning than receiving a phone call from a poet! And if the said poet is Jack Hirschman--that is my poetical guru--than the experience is almost blissful. Jack arrived in Bologna yesterday. His wife and him are hosted by a friend-poet, from whose cell phone Jack was calling me. We have talked for ten solid minutes in the most friendly and cordial way. We have agreed to see each other on the day in which I will arrive in Bologna for his reading performance and on the following day as well. He asked me what exactly I am planning to write. At my answer: "The story of your life", he exclaimed laughing "Oh boy!".
Gotta love the young man!


  1. Nice going, Alex.... Enjoy! M.

  2. How wonderful! To be able to speak with someone you admire so. Such an enriching experience, so inspiring.

  3. Excellent and even better, I think, that the time to talk will be when you are there next week and not too much shuffling around this weekend. Great, Alessandra!

  4. Wonderful and inspiring indeed! I am head over heels! :)


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