On Hedgehogs And Poetry (à la Wallace Stevens)

I was driving along a country road this morning when the smallest hedgehog ever crossed my path. It was such an unexpected surprise that I pulled over not only in order to enjoy the wildlife epiphany but because the event reminded me of a quote by Wallace Stevens: "Poetry is a pheasant disappearing in the brush". Well, maybe poetry is a hedgehog  disappearing in the darkest greenery. I want to write a haiku in honor of my small, lovely fellow!  And let him reappear in my pen!


  1. How wonderful! Hedgehogs are adorable. I dream of having a garden where hedgehogs abound and my gnome can at last have a home, but I suspect it will only ever exist in my mind.

  2. Another wonderful blog and I can tell by the twitter update to the right that you have written the haiku as well.
    I must confess, though, I will always associate hedgehogs with Kathe Koja's novel, "Skin," as one of the main characters is referred to via that description...no matter how adorable they may be in real life. ;-)


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