THEY TALK ABOUT DEATH: my first US chapbook has just been published by Blood Pudding Press

So, it has happened at last. I am so happy of having a chapbook of my poems published in the US. It is a dream come true. It is almost a great act of hybris for somebody whose mother tongue is Italian, but who has dwelled in the English language since the age of 8 when she lived abroad for 5 years--in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates--attending American and International schools. I write poetry in Italian as well naturally but, I do believe that I write my best poems  in English. I hope this will not sound conceited. Honestly, I just look at some of my poems from this collection and think to myself that they make me proud. I guess I can say that a hint to how "good" one of the poems is came from a rejection that John Rosenwald, Co-editor of Beloit Poetry Journal mailed to me:

Dear Alessandra Bava,

At our quarterly editorial board meeting that concluded yesterday we spent considerable time discussing your work, especially "Never Thirty-Seven" and "Les Goddesses." I enjoyed and argued for these two poems, but my colleagues did not respond to what they considered their morbid tone, and we finally decided against acceptance.

Best wishes for your writing,

John Rosenwald, Co-editor

This said, THEY TALK ABOUT DEATH is now available from Blood Pudding Press. It deals with poets and artists who have died too young, but who have also left a lasting impression on me and on my writing: Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Arthur Rimbaud, Amedeo Modigliani and many more. I am grateful to Juliet Cook for having selected the chapbook as one of the 3 winners of  2014 Blood Pudding Press Poetry Contest, together with Susan Yount's House on Fire and Paul David Adkins' Stick Up.  I am in great company. Moreover, Juliet has been working hard and with so much enthusiasm. I could not have hoped for a better publisher!

I must also thank artist  Erin Wells who has kindly allowed us to use her "Yellow Carousel Horse" watercolor. It is a great work and makes the cover a thing of Beauty.

Well, I really do hope you will get a copy sooner or later. If so inclined, click here, show me your love and make me a happy poet!

Thank you.


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