Busy with Poetry

This has been a busy poetic week in so many ways. I have been writing the biography each and every day, some days adding just a few hundred words, some other up to a thousand. I don't mind the uneven pace--as it pretty much depends from my daily work schedule--but it is very important for me to keep the wip rolling.

This morning I have finished tweaking the review I wrote for a really beautiful chapbook. And, I truly hope to find a home for it soon. I feel this work will stay with me for a long time. I love it when poetry touches me this way.

I have also finished translating the last poem in the poetry manuscript of a SF poet that is due to be published here in Italy in the coming Fall. The poet and I are very happy regarding this collaboration.

Last, but not least, I have also translated 2 poems from French by Michel Butor that are a thing of Beauty. Butor is such a exquisite poet. It is a joy to be able to translate him into Italian.

And, I should not fail to mention that I have recceived a lovely book of poems by poet Ilaria Mainardi, which I hope to review soon. I am so happy when poets send me their work. I do love all my poetical connections in Italy and around the globe.

This reminds me I have hardly written a poem this week. As Charles Baudelaire would say: "everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself."

So, I'd better get started!

P.S. If, just like me, you have not had enough of Poetry yet, please consider buying a copy of John Claude's Autumn in the Abyss. You will love his novelette steeped in poetry. You truly will! :)

Odilon Redon, Flower of Evil


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