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Guerrilla Bluesintroduction by Jack Hirschman, Edizioni Ensemble 2012, bilingual (Italian/English)


- Le Monde Diplomatique (in Italian)
- Il Recensore (in Italian)
- Liberi di scrivere (in Italian)
- Goodreads (in English)


Jack Hirschman (SF Poet Laureate - from the Introduction):

Well, let me say that you’re about to read a poet who, though she writes short poems for the most part, packs such a passionate wallop, such a natural poetic savvy and confidence, she wakes up anything sleeping in any soul and  anything thought dead and finished in any body. [...]
What we have is the birth of an important revolutionary poet in Alessandra Bava, with this, her first chapbook. That’s a significant occasion and I’m happy to bring word of her horizoning. May there be many more.

I got "Guerrilla Blues" in the mail a few days ago & have been getting great pleasure reading it. Yours are loving, determined wake-up calls. Poems with guts, generous with words. A lot of incendiary ammos in this small book that fits my bag & rides buses with me, so I can take it out & get a taste of what I need to get me fired up. Thank you!

O your lovely poetry!

Alvaro Cardona-Hine (Poet and Artist)

Your little book arrived day before yesterday and right away it opened its wings and began its clear-eyed singing. Your voice is being heard, even in the silence of the many dead...the one hundred million who perished violently in the 20th century. 

Lovely, strong "little" book. In the future they'll be referring to it as "the little blue book" much as Mao's "little red book."

Chuck Sperry (Artist)

Your words strike my heart! I'm sure to read again and again and to go back to your book to find your poems again and again.

Alejandro Murguía (Current SF Poet Laureate)

I have been reading your poems. I like "The Trench Diggers." I hear the influence of Pasolini's "The Lament of of the Excavator" one of my favorite poems.


Nocturne, Edizioni PulcinoElefante, 2013 - bilingual (Italian/English)
with a b/w photograph by Daniele Ferroni


Kate Laity (writer)

A gorgeous little book.

They Talk About Death Blood Pudding Press, 2014  
cover art "Yellow Carousel Horse" by Erin Wells



Kate Laity (writer):

Poetry about death is nothing new, but this is a volume that soars on its wings.

Thomas Rain Crowe (poet):

Very strong poems. Somehow they transcend darkness, even with such a macabre subject matter. You've really achieved something with these poems.

Jim Krusoe (writer & poet):

I see your pedigree, and that line about entangled in spires of evil is wondrous.

Neeli Cherkovski (poet & memoirist):

Absolutely stunning. Truly. The Baudelaire poem ends with such magnificence.

Renée Gregorio (poet):

I have been reading your new book with great relish. And the poems--I'm thinking right now that what I love most is how I get to occupy time differently as I read your work--time and the lives of other poets that of course still speak to us after death. Your work brings these other lives directly into my own and I am enriched by that time-travel.

Alejandro Murguía (current SF Poet Laureate)

Clear, clean writing in an honest language. Great imagery also, and I really liked your resurrection of the poetic personas.

Kathryn McDonough (poet):

The Modigliani poem knocked my socks off.

Sandra Marchetti (poet):

The last poem, "Vision," appropriately a final ode to Plath, opens with the lines, "Your voice breathes / into my open page. / A cry echoes in this wood of viscera…" This collaborative action is the author's greatest accomplishment in They Talk About Death: she has allowed the authors of the past to animate the collection through Bava's own voice, a voice that illuminates life and death—this terrifying and mythical place of awe, enlightenment, worship, and waste—the wood of viscera, indeed.

A.J. Huffman (poet):

The ending of "Our Lady of Napalm" whispers Bava's vivid mantra:  "Suicidal Light demands worship."  This idea reverberates throughout the pages of this poetic church.  We read and worship as one, closing the pages with remorse and relief, as well as a revitalization of spirit that can only come from hanging on to the precipice of death, then crawling back onto solid ground.


Diagnosis Dancing Girl Press, 2015


- K.A.Laity's blog 


Kate Laity (multi-purpose writer):

Bava's work is incredible always. Her poems are a knife to the gut hidden in a beautiful bouquet of words.

Jeff Baron (playwright/novelist):

I love Diagnosis. Such strong poems, and such amazing use of language.


A rima armata Gilgamesh, 2016


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