Why Ever A Poetry Collection?

This year has been incredibly busy for me. I have started marketing my poems in a serious way, I have been translating poetry like crazy -- two collections, some poems by Jack that are being published as I write and I will soon  translate a dozen or more poems of the members of Rome's Revolutionary Poetry Brigade for the second RPB's international Anthology. Last but not least, I have been involved in poetry readings too. This said, one wonders why I should take the pain of putting together some of my works for a collection. Does the world really need a new poetry collection?  A friend  told me: "Nobody reads poetry anymore!".

Oh well, I guess I know he is right. Not a lot of people do. But, maybe a couple of friends would dare buy my poems -- assuming I got published. And yet, I know this is not the reason behind my writing. If I write my poems it is because I need to let it out. I need to use my words and convey my message. It is my hidden strength. 

"I'll let the vowels and the consonants be my only incendiary ammos." This is why I write. This is all that matters to me. 


  1. A collection of your poetry would be magnificent! I want #1, signed, and I'll pick it up when we are together in Rome. Please and thank you! ;-)

  2. I don't know who these people are who don't read poetry. I read poetry and would gladly buy it and read it if I understood most of it! BTW, I love your poetry and would gladly buy your book -- signed wouldn't be bad either :) Unfortunately poetry nowadays seems to be written for academics and some of it is so obscure that you have to read it with a dictionary. Rap and hip hop have become the new poetry. I, myself, prefer and write simple, direct poetry. As long as there is a heart to reach - there will always be poetry. As your blog states "Poetry Rules!"

  3. Dora, thank you for your lovely message. I am indeed blessed to have fellow poets like you! Poetry will always rule for people like us, because we do understand that the real meaning of poetry is to touch people's hearts and souls. :)


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