101th Poetry Submission in 364 days

I am so happy to report of having reached my first poetry and personal goal of the year. I have only started  submitting my poems last February 28, 2011 and today I have achieved the goal of submitting them to 101 different journals and anthologies. I am quite proud to report that, so far, I have had over 50 poems accepted as well as my good dose of rejections, naturally.

I have met wonderful Editors in the process, one in particular I am indeed more than grateful to for all the support and the positive feedback. Thank you, Cooper!

I have received lovely rejections too. The best is probably Beloit Poetry Journal's: " Dear Alessandra, we shall not be using your manuscript. Thank you, however, for giving us the opportunity to consider it. Thanks also especially for the Akhmatova poem. That image that leads to "Requiem" is among the most powerful in all twentieth-century poetry." WOW, I really loved this rejection!
I have sent out 314 poems in total and I still have about 70  under consideration. Moreover, I am presently correcting the galleys of my first poetry chapbook. I have taken part to readings  and to flashmobs with Rome's Revolutionary Poets Brigade. I am also busy working as editor of an Anthology of the said poetical Brigade. The Brigade collaborates with the World Poetry Movement and we will have our second WPM reading event, A Leap for Change, next February 29th here in Rome.

And, as a translator, I have translated poems by Jack Hirschman, Michel Butor, Marco Cinque. I have also translated poems of the Roman Brigade for the second Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology that will be published in Paris later this year. Three of my poems will be published in this Anthology as well.

Busy year so far, but I have more poetical goals for 2012. And, I will stick to them!


  1. Outstanding. And Outrageous total! I thought the 101 was the amount of rejections, yes? With over 50 acceptances, my gosh. 314 poems submitting in the year. WOW! You are a Poetry Submitting Machine, My Dear!


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