Leonora & I

Leonora and I have been busy "conversing" lately. Her self-Portrait has been "talking" to me. The more I look at it, the more secrets I discover about this rebel artist. It makes me want to live in that room. It makes me want to talk to the hyena as her mane flutters in the air. It makes me want to ride the rocking horse. It makes me want to wear her buttoned boots and sit on her blue Victorian chair. It makes me want to flee through the stage into the world out there. It makes me want to write about revolutions. Because Leonora Carrington was a revolutionary woman. And yes, you guessed right: this picture is inspiring a poem. And, it also welcomes you each time you pay a visit to my blog.


  1. I visited her little sphinx in London. Always new insights. We remake the world, we give life to our dreams.

  2. How wonderful, Kate. She is a source of inspiration!


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