April Is Not The Cruellest Month...given my Book Launch!

April is not the cruellest month. Indeed not. Especially if one is celebrating this month dedicated to poetry in so many poetical ways as the undersigned. I am currently busy putting together the final version of an Anthology of 10 poets known as Rome's Revolutionary Poets Brigade, editing, translating and making sure it will be ready by April 10th. I am so very grateful to John for all the help.

I am also occupied with the book launch of my book, Guerrilla Blues, next Thursday, April 12 at 6:30 pm, in a lovely and cosy place in Trastevere, Cantina Paradiso, just a few steps away from the  Church of San Francesco a Ripa, hosting a beautiful Ecstasy by Bernini. The Brigade poets will be reading my poems as well as my dear friend, Maximilian. How I wish all of my friends from all over the world could attend, not to mention John! The place would be crammed, but it would be truly wonderful.

Last but not least, I am writing a poem a day (at least) just to celebrate this month as it deserves. As I like to say, quoting Gogol, "there's no time to get bored in Rome."


  1. Auguri Alessandra. I will be thinking of you + of, course, can't wait to get my hands on 'Guerilla Blues'

    In bocca al Lupo!

  2. Crepi il lupo, Dora! And, thanks for your thoughts. I hope you will be able to read 'Guerilla Blues' soon. :)


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