Well, that's what my friend and writer Kate Laity wrote about me on her #FollowFriday today and I guess that's what I do. She did bring a big smile on my face. The summer moves on and, I am glad to report, that I have been writing more poetry and working--sometimes up to 8 hours a day--on the biography. I have been in touch with so many people and received incredibly precious feedback. Poets, scholars, librarians, relatives and friends of "our" poet as well as institutions have all been amazingly generous dedicating time to my "cause" and sending materials my way. Moreover, my English translations of poet and "brother of quill" Marco Cinque will soon be published in the States. He so deserves it. He is an excellent poet. Last but not least, John and I have had a great time in Tuscany. Patti Smith's concert in Siena was a blast!

And now, Edoardo is finally back in Rome and I am back to work. But, I guess the program will still be pretty much writing poetry, submitting poems, keeping focused on my research and writing the bio. And, reading at poetry readings too. Next September 29th, we--i.e. Rome's Revolutionary Poets Brigade--will be reading at the Circolo degli Artisti within the 100 Thousand Poets for Change global event. I am so looking forward to it!


  1. I'm hearing Ricky Martin in my head which is probably not intentional. I'm not usually fond of turning nouns into verbs, but it seems to capture the pervasiveness of the art in your being. She poems.


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