Literary 2012

Patti Smith's birthday seems a good day to have a look at my literary achievements for 2012.

It was a happy year in so many ways. Guerrilla Blues, my first chapbook, was published in March by Edizioni Ensemble and Rome's Revolutionary Poets Brigade Vol.1 anthology--boasting works from 10 brilliant poets--which I have edited and translated into English was published in May and presented by SF poet laureate Jack Hirschman in a reading at the Circolo degli Artisti in Rome last May 17. I am very grateful to my publisher for having met all deadlines and have made the book available in time for the reading.

Despite having sent out only 87 submissions to magazines and anthologies, I am glad to report of having had 25 poems accepted so far this year--some are still under consideration.

Also, my translations of poems by Marco Cinque have been sent to the American publisher and will be in print soon.

The current WIP is keeping me amazingly busy. The biography is moving forward. Research has been extensive--it seems to me that I have been in touch with an entire generation of poets this year! And, I am so much grateful to everyone who has spent and/or is dedicating me their time and providing me with priceless info to achieve my goal.

Last, but not least, I have found a lost manuscript by Jack Hirschman dating back to the Seventies. What can I say? It was a busy literary 2012. Busy is good!


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