Meeting Poets and Friending Them Too

Yes, meeting poets has become the order of the day it seems. I am really thankful because writing the bio is giving me a great opportunity I would never have had otherwise. Getting in touch with poets who have met "the Poet" way back then in the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies etc. is truly fascinating. Not only have I become a "research fiend" as John calls me, but I am also having the chance to connect with wonderful people and artists who are very eager to help me. And, I am friending some of them, too. Which is a beautiful thing. I am particularly grateful for having met and friended one of the "Baby Beats" who met Jack in SF in the Seventies. He has sent me so much material and so much information, it is almost unbelievable. His house in the mountains of North Carolina is not a mere archive, but a true arsenal of Jack's poetry and memories.

Thank you, All! And, thank you, Tom!


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