On Poetry and Darkness: John Claude's Upcoming Book "Autumn in the Abyss"

I am so happy to announce that John Claude has a new upcoming book, Autumn in the Abyss, published by Omnium Gatherum. Among my friends I have many poets and poetry lovers and I cannot recommend this book enough to you since the novella--that gives the book its title--deals with poetry. John wrote the novella in Rome a couple of summers ago. One day I was reading to him about the mysterious disappearance into the woods of poet Lew Welch in 1971. This  triggered John to write what I truly consider one of his best works.

I am posting the blurb from the book here below, as well as its cover:

"When enigmatic poet Henry Coronado disappears six months after the New Year's Eve, 1959, Welcoming Chaos event, he takes with him a profound secret wrapped within the words of his poem, Autumn in the Abyss.

Fifty years later, an ill man's research into Coronado's work and life reveals that poetry can indeed change the world, or leave it in ruins.

The Word is a living thing...and often with lethal intentions.

Reality is the strangest mirror." 

You can preorder the book here on Amazon. Get yourself a copy. I am sure you will love it. Thanks!


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