New Anthology of American Poetry

So, it's real. After two years of hard work the Nuova Antologia di Poesia Americana (New Anthology of American Poetry) has been released by Edizioni Ensemble. The idea came to me as I was researching information for the biography of the Poet, as I often enjoy to call him. This bio has been an extraordinary experience that has allowed me to get in touch with poets who have met Jack from the late Fifties till today. Getting to know them has also meant getting to know their amazing poetry and I am so grateful to all for having allowed me to translate some of their beautiful poems.

Let me introduce you to the poets and poems included in the Anthology. Clicking on each poet's name you will be able to learn more about their life and their poetry:

- Architecture of An Instsnt
- Time Is Short

John Brandi

- Years of Love
- The Enthusiasm of Illusion

Alvaro Cardona-Hine

- Trying to Distract Myself from the Gulf Oil Disaster While Visiting My Mother in Florida
- Lazy Tongue

Terri Carrion

- Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922 - 1975)
- A Letter to Albrecht Dürer

Neeli Cherkovski

- Poem for Sylvia Plath Without Even Lighting the Stove
- Radiogenesis (poem for synthesizer and voice)

Thomas Rain Crowe

- How to Make Love to A Man
- Be Ahead of All Parting

Sharon Doubiago

- Germany
- Appointment in Pakistan

Michael C. Ford

- Bloom
- Resolution

Renée  Gregorio

- Eurydice Is Missing
- Bird in the Chimney

Stephen Kessler

Jim Krusoe
- Horses in Fire
- Holding the Baby While Listening to Glenn Gould's Last Recording of  the Goldbeg Variations
- Watching Retarded Children at LAX

Jim Krusoe

Kaye McDonough
- Dialogue on the Panning of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald
- I Have Gone Mad With Love, Love, Mad
- I Was Happy With Poetry

Kaye McDonough

Sarah Menefee
- A Little Fig Wine
- If He Didn't Keep Appering
- First

Sarah Menefee

Alejandro Murguía
- Lorca's Dream
- There's No Santos on My Altar
- Trastevere Sunday

Alejandro Murguía

Michael Rothenberg
- March 21
- The Revolt of Romantic Donkeys on the Highway from Marrakech to Rabat
- Serenity Spring
Michael Rothenberg

Bill Pearlman
- Further
- For Javier Sicilia
- Looking for My Name

Bill Pearlman

Anne Valley-Fox
- History's Path Spirals Down to a Precipce
- Things That Want to Be Counted
- Smoke

Anne Valley-Fox


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