This Year's Poetical Achievements

As this year draws to its end, I look back at this year's achievements and I cannot but be grateful. The year started with the publication of my second American chapbook, Diagnosis, by Kristy Bowen and her magical dancing girl press. This spring my translations of Alejandro Murguia's poems, Offerte di Carta (Paper Offerings) was published by Gilgamesh Edizioni. Another book in translation I am very proud of Nuova Antologia di Poesia Americana (New Anthology of American Poetry), was published by Edizioni Ensemble.

My poems "Crave What Matters" and "Lullaby (for Philip Levine)" have been published in the Anthology Ovethrowing Capitalism Vol. 2 edited by Jack Hirschman and John Curl.

I wish to thank all the Editors who have accepted my poems for publication in their journals:

Thank you to Kelly Boyker Guillemette for having accepted for publication four of my poems in the Spring issue of the amazing Menacing Hedge. Two of the poems, "Unfairy Tale #1 - Almost Tom Thumb" and "Unfairy Tale #2 -Mirror, Mirror" have been inspired by photographs by Diane Arbus. The other two, "Humpty-Dumpty in the Asylum" and "Loaded Blunderbass" are inspired by 2 poets who spent a long part of their lives in an asylum, the French Antonin Artaud and the Italian Alda Merini. Read or hear me read the poems here!

Thank you to all the lovely Editors of Cider Press Review for having published my "From Jackson With Love," a poem on painter Jackson Pollock and his lover Ruth Kligman, in their Summer issue.

Thank you to Gargoyle and their Editors, Richard Peabody and Lucinda Ebersole, for having accepted my poems "Les Goddesses" and "The Cabinet of Curiosities" for the upcoming #64 print journal, due at the end of year. I am very fond of these 2 poems that will appear in my upcoming chapbook next year.

I am deeply grateful to Lise Quintana and Allie Marini Batts for having accepted my poem "Bound to Her Father's Spear Hurled Over the River's Current" appeared in NonBinary Review #4 (Bulfinch's Mythology) and for having nominated it for Best of the Net 2015.

Thank you to the Bowhunter and the Taxidermist (aka Courtney Leigh Jameson) for having published four of my poems in the latest amazing #ArsPoeticus issue of White Stag. The poems are: "Odessa's Swan," inspired by poet Anna Akhmatova, "Possessed" inspired by poet Nika Turbina, "Bolano's Aftermath," and  "18-year old Mary Wollestonecraft Godwin (To Be Shelley) Writes in Villa Diodati's Kitchen On A Stormy Summer Day," the poem with my longest title to date. Get your copy of this beautiful magazine here!

Thank you to Stephanie Bryant Anderson for having accepted my poem "It Was the Magnolia Tree" for publication in the beautiful Red Paint Hill. I am also grateful for the lovely artwork that pairs it!

Last but not least, thank you to Editor Justin Robert Bigos, for having accepted my translation of two poems by Antonia Pozzi for publication in a magazine I am very fond of, Waxwing. Read them here.

I still have a long way to go poetically, but I am so glad for this year's publications. And, I am looking forward to 2016!


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