48 Hours Of Pure Poetry

So I am back in Rome and I wish I could share with you the bewildering phantasmagory of these few, intense hours. Edoardo and I will cherish in our hearts this incredible experience, starting from the breathtaking reading up to the heartfelt generosity of four extraordinary poets--Jack Hirschman and his wife Agneta Falk, Paul Polansky and Alberto Masala--who have shared with us their daily life, their stories, their humor and their passion. Naturally, I owe a special thanks to Jack for having devoted me over four hours of his time and memories. Trust me, he is not just a spectacular poet but he is, above all, a wonderful man!

I truly left a speck of my heart in Bologna!


  1. What a wonderful experience and, yes, those hours of talk and info will go a long way in the project, Dear!

  2. So wonderful...I still have goose bumps! :)


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