Shit Matters...Excuse My French!

Life can be pretty unbearable at times. I am going through so much lately that I honestly feel a victim of the greed. Other people's greed naturally. I came to the conclusion that it would be much better not to own anything at all, except oneself and one's feelings. This is all I need, this is all that matters. The rest is just...shit! Ferruccio Brugnaro's poem "Buy, Always Consume" translated by Jack Hirschman is a perfect one for my mood today.

Buy, buy more than you can
consume. Consume. Fuck over
any relationship.
Step on everything and always
buy everything up. Carry home
as much as you can.
Stuff, stuff yourself with greed.
Don’t look anybody in
the eyes.
Surround yourself with high walls
so neither grass nor human
voices can reach you;
sink, sink into the shit as deep
as you can go.
You must be on your guard;
buy away, carry it home
always consume.
Look around, make sure
they’re not robbing you;
any flower
any plant.
Buy, always buy
carry home
more than you can carry ;
consume, consume,
sink, sink into the shit,
shit, shit shit.


  1. HA! Brilliant!
    This is the poem Jack read at the end of the Revolutionary Poet's Brigade release.


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