April is Not The Cruellest Month

Yes, April is not the cruellest month simply because it is Poetry Month. Celebrate it as best as you can. Be a poet. Write poetry. Read poetry. Buy books of poetry. Support poets and poetry as best as you can. Dare disturb the universe!


  1. I even wrote poetry myself. Okay, so it's faux Lear, but that's better than nuttin' as we say. And a funny bio, too.

    I love that picture of Emily :-)

    I'm trying to write song lyrics not for actual songs but for my next novel and sometimes they do come and I have to run for a notebook before there gone. And who knows: I might get out my Hello Kitty Fender guitar and try to sing 'em. Stranger things have happened.

  2. Yes,I've been disturbing the universe, you'll see the results in a day or three, Alessandra.

    Kate, I've got lyrics in my current novel being shopped around, too! ;-)


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