So yesterday evening I was sitting at my table, with a glass of wine and a pad when I started skimming through my Francesca Woodman books. I was captured by her Self-Deception series and the pen started flowing to the rhythm of her black and white pictures and her twisted body. There is a strength in her work that makes it appear almost as solid as a sculpture and yet wraithlike. There is a naked truth hidden in her works that needs to be deciphered. These shots were taken in a cellar, which make them even more intriguing to me. I keep wondering whether Bluebeard was her favorite fairy tale as a kid.


  1. Ooh, Bluebeard -- so inspirational. I think of Carter's version immediately. Maybe I need to come up with one for CMK (although the Goose Girl is supposed to be up next...)

  2. Goose Girl! Yes! And Bluebeard?! Squee! CMK rocks! :)


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