The Importance Of A Pen Name

It's been a hard choice deciding whether I should have marketed my erotic poetry with a pen name or not. I frankly believe that I have nothing to hide, but I somehow hope that this will increase my opportunities too. As my friend Kate generously pointed out, some of my works have a John Donne feel. So, the surname Marvell pays hommage to one of my favorite metaphysical poems, whereas Sasha is the nickname that Jack (Hirschman) gave me. Ever since he has called me that way. I believe that, what Kate says is particularly true insofar as the two poems that have just been published by Safeword in their July edition is concerned. Sasha Marvell exists at last!


  1. "License my roving hands and let them go, before, behind, above, below..."

    Well, hopefully I remembered that quote right. Yes, wonderful! Of course I'm in favour of pseudonyms because they reach different audiences. I'm not hiding much, but at times certain revelations work better with those who choose to hear the naked truths.

    Well done, Sasha. I salute you and so do Kit and CMK ;-)


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