An Untitled Gem by Angela

I found this poem by Angela Carter on the web today. It struck me with its terse words and apparent simplicity. There is a great writer's wisdom in the use of few words and strikingly compelling images. The cat with the spoon ears is just a brilliant sentence, but the last two lines literally give me goose bumps. I feel I have learnt a whole poetry lesson today. You've got a long way to go, my dear Alessandra!

My cat
Is the snow queen, 
This frigid virgin four 
Winters old crooks 
Her paw to wash a face 
As starlight, twice 
As cold. 
She puts back 
her ears like spoons
to listen to the wind 
behind her.
She eats 
For breakfast, hearts; 
For supper, northern lights.


  1. At the Carter conference in Northampton a couple of years ago I first heard and heard about her poetry. Wonderful! She had originally thought she'd make her name as a poet and never intended to write fiction. Surprises await us all.


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